Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Valentine Sugar Cookies
What is Valentine's Day without some delicious homemade Sugar Cookies?! My boyfriend and I had a double date for Valentine's Day on Sunday and not only did we have an awesome Mediterranean take out dinner, we all made sugar cookies together. Oh yes, we got the men involved too.  

Everybody is always wanting to now how I make my icing so I thought I would share.

 First, start by baking sugar cookies. I always use Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in the bag. I follow the recipe but  add about 1/2 cup of flour and a splash of almond extract to the dough. The flour helps the dough to be not so sticky making for easier cut outs. The thinner you make the cookies, the less time they will need to bake. Sugar cookies can be tricky and easy to burn because only the bottom starts to turn dark. For thin cookies on a dark cookie sheet bake for about 7 mins. For thicker cookies on a dark cookie sheet bake for about 8 1/2 mins. Look at the bottom edges, once they start to turn golden brown take them out and transfer to a cooling rack.
Sugar cookies out of the oven and cooling on a rack


Sugar Cookie Icing Ingredients

Ingredients for Sugar Cookie icing; 

1 cup powdered sugar
2 tbsp milk
Splash of almond extract
2 tbsp light Kayro Syrup ( makes the shine)
food color

Pipe on the outline of your cookies

Outlining your cookies with a thicker icing will keep the middle icing from running off.  o outline your cookies make your icing thicker by adding more powdered sugar. Pipe it on with a decorating bag.  Let the outline dry for about an hour.

Color in your cookie with the back of a spoon

To fill in your cookies use the back of a spoon and color in the outline of your cookies. A little icing goes a long way. The more shine you want the more Kayro Syrup you add. You don't want your icing too thin so it should be thick enough not to run off your spoon. Let dry for about an hour.

Use a medicine dropper for circles

To add dots or decorations, make a small batch of icing that is thin. Use a medicine dropper to drop on dots.  The filling icing does not have to be all the way dry but if you ice too soon the white icing will mix with the food coloring and become a different color. 

Drag a toothpick through the circle to make a cute heart design.

Everybody helping!! So much fun!

Happy Valentin's Day

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