Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scented Nail Polish

Strawberry, Orange, Fruit Punch, Banana, Lime!!!!!

Okay, so I saw this scented nail polish and I really wanted to try it! For only $10.00, I wasn't quite sure if it could really possibly smell like fruit. Once I opened it, really all I could smell was a tiny hint of the flavor on top of the strong smell of polish. But once it dried, I could smell the fruit! Some flavors are stronger than others, strawberry and lime, but overall I could smell a hint of fruit. The polish does not go on very smooth and has a matte finish, so I covered it with a sparkly top coat also from Claire's. Overall it was fun trying out the polish! The turquoise -fruit punch was my favorite!

Here are the links to their website of these products. 

Sweet Scents Polish Set
Sparkly Top Coat (could not find the actual one (called Disco) on their website but this one is very close)

Sweet Scents Polish from Claire's