Monday, February 15, 2010

Wednesday at the Movies!

Wednesday at the Movies!
Join us every Wednesday for movies and popcorn!
We have flat screens, dvds, and popcorn! Chick flicks for moms and cartoons for the kids! Don’t miss out!! See ya Wednesday!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Story Time with A Twist! & Toddler Yoga!

We have added fun activities to our calendar!

Story Time with a Twist
Join us for story time every Monday and Friday! Wondering what the twist is??? Well, we don't just read a book, we use all 5 senses!! We want to show your children that reading is FUN!! We will use all 5 of our senses during story time to fully engage your children! We will crawl, jump, sing, listen, touch, smell and taste! What better way to fully engage your children and show them that reading is so much fun! Join our story time every Monday and Friday!

Toddler Yoga
Every Friday you and your child can engage in a little bit of relaxation. OK, well maybe not too much relaxation, but you will be able to help your child learn through yoga the techniques for relaxation, self- health, inner fulfillment and self- esteem so they can navigate through life with a little less stress! WOW, don't you wish this would have been available to us when we were young?! What a great gift you will be giving your child that will last forever!

We are constantly adding and changing our events every month so check back regularly to see how much fun we have at our play center!