Friday, July 4, 2014

Antique Vanity Table Makeover

This is my Granny's vanity table that she used everyday. She passed in the late 80's and my sister has had her vanity for quite sometime. After years of sitting in storage, she let me take a stab of a makeover. I must say, I am very happy with the results! I found the neatest store in Austin for the paint and best advice to complete this project! Thank you to A House & A Tree.
1st restoration done in the late 90's

Started with sanding to remove the chipping of the old polish

Maison Blance Paint and Wax Wrought Iron, Franciscan Grey, Dark Brown Antique Wax
1st coat of Wrought Iron, removed old hardware

Martha Stewart Stencil from Michael's and Franciscan Grey paint
2 coats of Wrought Iron paint and stencile left to dry 
This was very easy! I used spray adhesive and a tiny bit of paint on the spouncer

New hardware from Home Depot
Before the Antique Wax
After the Antique Wax left to dry for 2 hours

Top of desk

J and O initials for my Granny

I love it!