Monday, January 23, 2012

Color Game for Preschoolers

This was an idea I came up with when my one year old son starting digging in my craft box and began pulling tissue paper out piece by piece.

On the fridgorator I keep colors clipped up on  a magnet and when he decides to pull them off we talk about each of the colors. 

Well now we have added matching tissue paper squares. We sit on the kitchen floor and match up the color of the paper to the color of the card. While doing this I make sure to use several learning modalities. We had a teachable moment and so I rolled with it! YAY!

We use visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching) as part of our leaning styles.  While he krinkles the paper I say, "Yellow, Yellow, Yellow" and then I will say, "Orange, Orange, Orange." Then, I will lay them out and say, "Where's the orange?" (he picks it up) Then I say, "Where's the yellow?" (he picks it up)....and so on.  He gets it right 4 out 5 times and he is only one! YAY! He gets so excited and it's fun for him! We only do a couple of colors at a time but mix up which colors we use. We plan on doing this atleast twice a week now.

Here is a great website from that talks about how to use different modalities! 

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