Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Shapely Rainbow

We have added this bright colorful rainbow to our ABC's and 123's center. This is a work in progress and will take a couple of weeks to complete. This past week the kids loved working on our rainbow a little bit each day. (2 and 3 year olds)

I made up a sad story of how this big rainbow lost all of her color and she needed help to find her color so she could be bright and happy again! I wonder who could help her.... hmmmm???

First, draw a big rainbow on white bulletin board paper with a pencil. In each section write the color words from top to bottom; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. For each color make different shapes; I used hearts, triangles, circles, stars, ovals and squares here are my shape templates that I made so you don't have to. (it does take some time to cut out so grab a glass of wine, a good movie and start cutting) I printed the shapes on cardstock and mixed them all up in a small plastic container and when I tell the sad story of how our rainbow lost her color, I get all happy when we find the colors and dump them in a big pile and let the kids one at a time tell me the shapes and color of each as they glue it in the right space to start the process. The bigger the rainbow the better because over the next couple of weeks the kids will work on it. We will celebrate the rainbow and her colors when the center is empty and the shapes have all been glued onto the appropriate sections.

For older kids you can assign groups a different color and shape and have them cut out and add one color at a time and once all the groups have gone you will see the colorful rainbow take its shape.

I will post an updated photo when I rainbow is finished next week!


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