Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chugga-Chugga- Choo-Choo!

If you are like most moms or party throwers you know the secret to throwing a good party lies within the details. Every party should have balloons, cake, food, party favors, games and FUN crafts! Tying in a craft that goes a with the theme of your birthday party will be your “icing on the cake” and keep your kids entertained and parents saying "WOW that was an AWESOME party"!

I recently hosted a party that had a train theme so I thought I would share the craft that I provided for our guest. It's a fun easy craft for your kiddos and here is how you make it! Just follow the pictures below. I have included a train cut out for you too! Enjoy! To give proper credit, I saw this craft on Awesome Moms website. They have tons of birthday party themes for you to follow.

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