Friday, January 22, 2010

Austin's 12th Annual Summer Camp Fair

I know it’s only January but it’s time to starting thinking about how your children are going to spend their summer! Kids get bored at home during the summer months and summer camps are tons of fun! They are a great way to keep your kids active and happy! The hard part is deciding which one to choose!! We recommend that you attend Austin’s FREE 12th Annual Summer Camp Fair next weekend, January 30th 10am-5pm @ Palmer Event Center. Take your kids with you and discover all that Austin has to offer this summer. Empower your children by letting them ask questions directly to camp counselors. In the car on the drive up, brainstorm with your children questions they might want to ask camp counselors so they can decided if they want to attend that particular camp. If they get to choose the camp they like, they will be sure to have a GREAT summer that they will always remember! You will be surprised at how camps you did not know about that fit in your budget and your kids will love! Take the family and go explore so your family has a summer to remember! Here’s to happy, active kids in summer 2010!!

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